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How to export Skype chat history from iphone ?

I wanted to export my Skype chat history from my iPhone. The Skype support team did nothing for me but simply waste my time. So it took me time and effort to find a solution to view and export my chats.

This is how it can be done using the following steps:

1)Install iexplorer  on your windows laptop
2)Connect your ipad to laptop and when you see your ipad in itunes,launch the iexplorer.
3)In iexplorer goto apps/skype/[user name]/main.db.All chat is stored in this file.
4)Copy this file in your laptop in %appdata%\skype\username and paste the main.db file here.
You will have all the chats from ipad to your laptop.

If you want to save the chat in some other format like excel,text etc.
5) Download skypelogview from internet and open the main.db file in that app.

Actually the location of the "main.db" file is some place else (not where basware_navdeep is claiming it is).

I'm not sure if it's the same for ipads and iphones (logically it should be), but i finally managed to find a way to locate the "main.db" file, which is kind of tricky.

So there, this is the path:
iExplorer\[user]'s iPhone\Apps\Skype\Library\Application Support\Skype\[username]

Note: just navigate with iExplorer or simply copy this path and paste it in the address bar at the top of iExplorer and press enter. Make sure you replace both [user] with your iPhone/iPad's name, and [username] with your SKYPE username (name of the account).

it took me a good 1 hour to find it!! the developers of the skype mobile app are clearly idiots, why would they put ALL these important files under the "application support" sub-folder???  I mean, really??? they couldn't come up with something a little more self-explanatory, i don't know, like "main files" or something? ugh! smh...

Anyway, i hope this helps some of you, because i was honestly about to give up. Rest of the instructions by basware_navdeep are perfect, kudos to him in the first place!

So to sum up: in order to export the skype iphone or ipad chat on to your computer from iExplorer, simply right-click on the "main.db" file (that you've found in the folder as explained above), and select "Export to Folder....", and save it for example in your "my documents" folder.

Then to view the chat, download SkypeLogView here:

Unzip it and save the files in a folder you named SkypeLogView. Launch SkypeLogView.exe and in the top menu click on "File/"select Logs Folder". Then just browse through your folders and select where you've saved the skype "main.db" file (e.g.: in 'my documents').

It will automatically import your chats. Then feel free to play with the menu "View/"Choose Columns". I personally keep only a view of the following 3 columns which i find relevant: Action Time / Display Name / Chat Message

Then click on View / "HTML Report - All Items" and boom! you have your entire conversation nicely presented (it will open in your default browser automatically).

Now if you want to EDIT THIS CHAT, for example if you want to DELETE SOME TEXT from that conversation (in order to show it to your boss), or simply if you want to SEARCH YOUR TEXT (if often get some information during a chat, but then it's almost impossible to find it on the mobile version of Skype, since it loads only chunks of conversation at a time and doesn't (yet) feature a search feature as on the desktop version, then you have 3 options:


1) Use an HTML editor

In your browser, save the newly created HTML report on your hard drive (because right now it sits in your temporary files folder and can't be accessed). Then launch your favorite free Html Editor, and modify your file there if you know how to write some Html.


2) Use a text editor (blank email, notepad or Microsoft Word)

Copy the entire text you need from the html file (that opened in your default browser from SkypeLogView). Then paste it in a blank email, or in notepad, or any text editor. You can edit your text right there and print it. Note that the look of your report will be kind of dull and not highly custimizable.


3) Edit your chat in Microsoft EXCEL (my favorite choice)

I prefer this method by far, because it allows me to create nice Skype chat reports, with nice grid lines, and even change each cell's background color (alternating between display names, for additional readability. Just follow these instructions:

   a) Follow the direction of #2 (paste your chat's columned text in notepad or a blank email)

   b) click CTRL+F

   c) in the "Find Text" field, enter "    " (4 spaces)

   d) In the "Replace with" field, enter ";" (semicolon)

   e) Click on "Replace All". Now all the blank spaces are replaced with semicolons.

   f) select all your text, and copy it. Now go to Microsoft Excel (or OpenOffice).

   g) Create a new document, position yourself on the first cell
       and click CTRL+SHIFT+V (Paste Special).

   h) Select "Unformatted Text". This will allow to create the column separations.
       Under the "Spearated by" radio-button, checkmark "Semicolon"

   i) Click "OK" and that's it, you're done!

The beauty of doing it in Excel, again, is that you can now completely change the looks of your skype chat report. You can add grid lines the way you want, in the thickness you want, play with columns widths, and of course EDIT YOUR TEXT or delete some parts of it (working in sales, i personally tend to "small talk" first with my clients, ending up with personal,  irrelevant information, like "how are your kids doing?"... Therfore editing your chat report often comes in handy, in order to remove all the unnecessary parts of your conversation, or even to hide some parts of it for privacy purposes.

And as mentionned earlier, one thing I'm really fond of, is to change the background color for each row of text. I alternate colors between my text entries and those of the person i chatted with. To do this easily (and automatically), you'll need to play a little with the "CONDITIONAL FORMATING" feature of your spreadsheet editor. For example, you can ask Excel to check what is in the second column, and if it's your name, then it will set the background collumn of that cell to a light-gray color.

To extend the conditional formating to other columns, like towards the date-stamp (in column A) of the actual messages -so that the entire row will be in light gray- simply relate the Conditional Formating towards the column that hold the Display Names of the people involved in this chat (eg: if B2="John", then change the background color to Light-Gray). For more details on that, you should check out Excel's guidelines on how-to use Conditional Formating. It's super practical, and adds A LOT of clarity to the whole chat report, therefore READABILITY. Your boss will thank you for this, as some chats can feature dozens of pages.

My reports are presented with just 3 columns (date, display name, message), using the full width of a letter size sheet (i set the printable area in Excel to be those 3 columns only), and then i play with the SCALING FACTOR (File > Page Preview > format Page > Sheet > Scale ) until my 3 columns fit the page in width. I alternate colors of each row between me and the person i chatted with, and and grid lines.

One last tip: when you wrote long text entries in Skype, once pasted into Excel they will appear in one very loooong line, not practical to read, even less to print. Thus in order to fix this inconvenient problem, you need to SELECT the entire Column with the text messages (in my case it's column C), then right-click on the column's header letter (C) and select "Format Cells", then you click on the tab called "Alignment" and checkmark "Wrap Text automatically". This way your long text entries will be automatically contained within the width of your column, and be extended over several lines. Then center everything vertically by selecting Text Alignment > Vertical > Middle. Your text will then be nicely presented in each cell.


Good luck!

PS: in that subfolder where you'll find the main.db file, you will also find some other interesting stuff... like your SKYPE VOICEMAILS for example (files with the .dat extension/format). Unfortunately, you won't be able to play these .dat files with a regular media player as this format is proprietary to Skype. But at least you can download them, and add them to your PC's saved skype voicemails folder. That way they will show up with the ones you already had on your PC. For your information, the location of voicemail on the desktop version of Skype is: C:\Users\your win user name\AppData\Roaming\Skype\your skype name\voicemail - You can also quickly access this folder by typing %appdata%\skype in Windows Start Search box and then pressing Enter. Then navigate inside your Skype account's subfolder, and you'll find the VOICEMAIL subfolder. Paste the .dat files you imported from your iphone in there and they will show up along the ones saved on your PC, and you can of course play them from the desktop skype application. It's a good way to merge the Skype data that's saved on your iPhone with the Skype data that's on your PC.
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Is your Windows 7 Sound Disabled ?

1.On the task bar, right click the speaker icon  and click Playback devices

2.On the Playback tab, right click and select Show Disabled Devices:

3.The “Speakers” device should appear. Right click the device and select Enable

Once these steps have been completed, sound should begin working properly on the workstation.
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Free Download Music APPS on the go .. on your iDevice ( iPhone/iPad/iPod )

Free Download Music APPS on the go .. on your iDevice ( iPhone/iPad/iPod )

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